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Marina Epp

stage artist trainer artistic coach 

why we dance

Dance is self-awerness... Dance is a flowing motion of life... Dance is healing...  Dance is sacred...  Dance is meditation... Dance is ancient... Dance gives you insight... Dance challenges you... Dance is a journey... Dance is a space between... Dance is energy and pure emotion... Dance is truly listening, awaking all your senses... Dance is all these things, BUT most of all, - Dance is living - a loving, ever-unfolding evolving art! And so we dance. 


Not because we want to master a dance... Not because we want to perform allday long... BUT so we feel human and alive... So we offer a prayer with our bodies... So we recognize the beauty in ourselves andthe world... So we will be closer to the infinite, beyond this realm... So we have something to hold us and let us grow... We dance to be open, to be free, to come together in community, to share there for each other... We dance to our spirits, our children, our ancestors and our brothers and sisters alike. We dance for mother earth, father sky and our holy hearts. So we will feel more, more of our self - more love, more compassion, humbleness, gentleness, goodness - in short, more LIFE. 


Marina Epp

dance in the self

training for body & mind

courses & workshops

With special exercises and pictorial guidelines, inspired by Butoh, an originally Japanese performance art, the body is given the opportunity, free of criteria, to let its very own aesthetics of movement / dance unfold and thereby enter into communication with the space and its atmosphere.  If we succeed in focusing our perception on our 8 senses    < vision - auditory - olfactory - flavour - tactile - balance - temperature - depth >  We get in touch with the aspects of our environment. With this focus on the external, we can let go of "wanting" and "let do" the body. In this way, through our own movements, we can experience what true physical abilities and what limits exist and how we can "stage" them. Because every form of expression of a body has its own beauty in dance.  And so it is rather about letting oneself dance.  An extraordinary dance training that expands perception, promotes concentration and stimulates the senses. 

coaching for freedom to move

Customized training / workshops for artists and groups. Contents and intensity are based on the needs and goals of the artists. The focus is on freeing from routine, discomfort or other blockages in the artistic work.  I am also working with children, students, impaired persons or people with special talents. 


current and previous projects

about me

I was born in 1978 in Kyrgystan, former Soviet Union and grew up in Germany, NRW. Since 2006 I live and work in Berlin as a freelance artist, trainer and media designer.  During my beginnings as a theater actress, I became aware of Butoh and subsequently sought opportunities to explore this art intensively. Since 2010 I worked regularly at the Maison du Butoh Blanc in France and developed there many performances I have already performed in various cities in Germany and also throughout Europe. Since 2013, I have been offering classes and dance workshops and sharing my experiences with participants of different backgrounds and careers.  In 2016 with other performance artists and me, we founded the collective ButohLaborBerlin, a platform for creative development.    My wish is to lead people to a true contemplation of particular beauty.



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